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We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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In 2015 we launched our latest school in Pakase, near Magadi, Kenya thanks to our partnership with Personal Group.

In Pakase there was a desperate need for school places with many children in the community not attending school. Due to high demand, at the start of the school year we enrolled 60 children instead of the planned 30 and today have 360 children at School.

Thanks to Personal Group we will aim to build 2 classrooms per year.

Memusi School B, Pakase, Kenya

Currently under construction. Since 2017 we have been supporting the community of Nasaru. 


The community have worked alongside an old Memusi Teacher (Josiah Maninah) to start a school. The school is known as the School Under the Tree because for 5 years children have learnt under the shade of a tree. 

Memusi has supported with in-class infrastructure and in 2021 Memusi Foundation officially partnered with the Community of Nasaru to launch Memusi C. The school is being built using the Memusi Innovation design. 

Memusi School C, Nasaru, Kenya

Memusi School, Magadi, Kenya was the first school the foundation started to work with. In 2007 the school was just a simple shelter but has since grown to eleven permanent classrooms and on site houses for nine teachers.

It has grown from 6 pupils to over 400 pupils. In 2015 our pioneers, the first children to enrol at Memusi, graduated onto Secondary School and our school leavers since then have gone from strength to strength

Memusi School, Magadi, Kenya

In 2008, the Foundation began working with The Queen Elizabeth Academy in Mlali (TEAM), Tanzania.

In 8 years of working in Tanzania, our support included the development of the school infrastructure completing a Primary School offering as well as day to day support of the school operating 

The Queen Elizabeth Academy, Tanzania