Welcome to Memusi Foundation

We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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At the Memusi Foundation we are passionate about education and we hope to raise awareness amongst pupils in the UK as to the importance of education throughout the world.

We currently have devised a school pack for Primary Schools 

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Memusi Primary School Pack

The pack has been put together for those schools who would like their pupils to investigate the lives of children from another country, namely Kenya.  Alongside a variety of lesson plans and ideas, this pack provides activities that will encourage empathy, respect for others and will also help pupils to explore their own lives.

The pack covers lesson plans and activities for all key stages - EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Our volunteers are also available to speak at both Primary and Secondary Schools and support any fundraising you may wish to achieve or any lessons in relation to the work we do.

Ongoing thanks to Jess Ramsey, a newly qualified primary teacher for her guidance and input into the pack and to Lauren Iredale and Harriet Lawton from the Artworks for their time and contribution too. All three have visited Memusi on volunteering trips.

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