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We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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Impact Teachers

2019 saw the start of an amazing partnership with a group of teachers from all over the world bringing their skills, knowledge and experience as teachers into Magadi to help further develop teaching practice as well as learn from the fabulous teachers that we have in Kenya. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the programme has been on hold. 

About Impact Teachers: At Impact, we believe that teachers have the ability to change and improve the world. Impact was founded on that very purpose. Since 2005, we’ve been able to recruit exceptional teachers, assist the UK education system through international placements and further our commitment to improving education on a global scale.

As the UK’s most trusted teaching agency, we’ve helped thousands of teachers embark on this amazing journey, who have all played a huge role on impacting education locally, and globally. Now it’s your time to do it, teach in the UK.