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We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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The Memusi Corporate / Group Challenge is an opportunity for your organisation to get involved with the work of Memusi, leaving behind a legacy of a project delivered to support quality education through the Memusi Foundation. From building a teachers house to a classroom to dormitories, your group will spend a week working on the delivery of a Memusi project alongside the people that will benefit from the project.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity for groups to share in our work in a way that also meet your needs - team building, personal, leadership or talent development, Corporate Social Responsibility, reward or part of your outreach. With every project, we will discuss your needs with you so that each project is bespoke to your group. As well as achieving long term impact for the community and having a profound impact on volunteers each project will have a plaque, leaving behind a permanent reminder of the team that were responsible for the delivery of the project.

Personal Group have been supporting Memusi for the past 3 years and have already sent 8 groups of Volunteers to Kenya. Mark Scanlon, CEO of Personal Group said "we release our staff, paid to go and help". But what do companies get from spending time volunteering? Mark explains of his staff "they come back from that experience feeling better about themselves, better about the company and we at the same time are helping very young children to get a start in education". To read more about the give & gain of CSR in the article published on the Personal Group website (originally published in Arizona Magazine in October 2017)

For further information, please download our Corporate Challenge Pack: Volunteering Guide Corporate

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What’s Involved? 

Groups sizes would up to 7 people, but each trip could cater for multiple groups if required with each group responsible for the delivery of multiple activities. A maximum of 28 people (4 groups) could be accommodated at any one time based on accommodation restrictions. 

Thursday - Departing from your chosen airport, arrive in to Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi on Friday for an overnight stay

Friday - Leave Nairobi and head to Magadi, stopping to visit the David Sheldrake Elephant Orphanage en-route and a mid journey picnic lunch. Arrive into Magadi and check in to accommodation for your stay. 

Saturday - Head out to your project for the first day where you will meet Fundi (builder) who will along with his team support the project during your visit 

Sunday - Day of rest in Kenya where no work takes place. Visit a local church in the morning to spend time with the community followed by a visit to the natural hot-springs in the afternoon along with Memusi teachers. 

Monday - Friday - A week of activities at your project. Your time to continue with your project, working on the school build working as a team on your community project. There will also be time for you to spend it the community and in class to get to know the people who you support more. 

Saturday - morning departure from Magadi, heading to Nairobi and a late lunch at the World Famous Carnivore restaurant. Late evening departure from Nairobi on Saturday evening. 

Sponsored Class  Build Foundations

We do not have a calendar of events, instead make every trip bespoke to your group working on a date that works for everyone. Logistics of the trip including flight bookings and Health & Safety will be fully supported. 


If you would like further information about the trips, to find out more or to discuss a potential trip for your group, please contact us directly. 


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