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We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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In 2016, ParentPay kindly donated the money to build a permanent classroom for Pre-Unit class at Memusi School. Clint Wilson, Chief Executive of ParentPay & Nimbl, travelled to Memusi School and opened the classroom for Pre-Unit class named ‘Belief’.

About ParentPay: Most people with school age children will know of ParentPay. ParentPay offer a complete income management solution for schools in the UK. Their flexible and secure web application allows parents to make online payments for all their child’s school items, including meals, trips, clubs and even uniform. They are the UK market leader in online school payments, and provide services to over 6,000 schools across 200 local authorities. 



 In 2016, Medicash kindly donated the money to build a permanent classroom at Memusi School.

About Medicash: For 140 years, Medicash has played a growing role in providing healthcare insurance solutions, from helping fund local hospitals in Victorian times to providing corporate benefit packages to 21st century companies.