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We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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Personal Group:

At the start of 2015 we began an exciting partnership with a very inspiring organisation. Based in Milton Keynes, the Personal Group work UK wide and were looking to create a lasting and long term impact with a charity. After working with our Founder Matthew Norton, a commitment was made to a partnership that would provide education to 350 Primary School children. Not only did Personal Group want to give money, they were looking to also provide people to help in practical ways. 

In working with the community of Pakase near Shompole, Magadi, the analysis of need was carried out and the level of need was far greater than anyone could have imagined. On registration day 60 children arrived with their parents. Due to the passion and desire for education we agreed that the children should not be turned away and committed to build a double school taking in 60 children a year and ultimately building a school for 700 children. 

This is such an exciting project that will make a massive difference to many lives. A huge thank you for everything that Personal Group have achieved with us in 2015 and what is to come in the future.

About PG: Personal Group was born in 1984. From the beginning, our goal was to make work happy, for everyone. Effective employee engagement depends on two things: face-to-face interaction, and powerful technology. Either on its own isn’t enough.So we do both. Our 50-strong engagement team based across the UK, help employees make the the most of our services. And Hapi, our employee services platform, puts everything those employees need in one place. 


Clayton Holmes Naisbitt Financial Consultancy LLP:

Clayton Holmes Naisbitt  (CHN) Financial Consultancy have been supporting the Memusi Foundation since it’s beginnings. The company have been supporting us with vital administration and financial services for over 10 years as well as many fundraising activities along the way. A few of the team have also visited Memusi on volunteering trips. CHN also sponsor Grade 4.

About CHN: CHN is a truly Independent Financial advisory firm based in Leeds. The firm was born from the experience and knowledge gained from our Founders, having worked within the financial sector for over two decades. All the senior members qualified and worked within both private and corporate banking for a major retail and corporate bank. Since the creation of the business we have consistently grown and now boast some of the best back office and advisory staff in their given field. With an ever increasing number of clients who have all benefited from our services we are proud to report excellent retention records.



Novis & Co:

Novice & Co. in partnership with CHN, provide their time and commitment every year to audit our financial accounts ready for submission as part of our obligations to the UK Charity Commission.

About Novis & Co: Novis & Co is an experienced and highly proactive firm of Chartered Accountants based in Morley, Leeds. We pride ourselves on our proactive and personal approach, and will work closely with you to provide a service that is tailored to your individual needs. Indeed, we believe that our clients come first and strive in every respect to meet their requirements.


Impact Teachers

2019 saw the start of an amazing partnership with a group of teachers from all over the world bringing their skills, knowledge and experience as teachers into Magadi to help further develop teaching practice as well as learn from the fabulous teachers that we have in Kenya. The first week was completed in February 2019 with 2 more scheduled in both May and July 2019.

About Impact Teachers: At Impact, we believe that teachers have the ability to change and improve the world. Impact was founded on that very purpose. Since 2005, we’ve been able to recruit exceptional teachers, assist the UK education system through international placements and further our commitment to improving education on a global scale.

As the UK’s most trusted teaching agency, we’ve helped thousands of teachers embark on this amazing journey, who have all played a huge role on impacting education locally, and globally. Now it’s your time to do it, teach in the UK.



In 2019 VideoDoc sponsored and partnered with Memusi and Maa Healthcare (Kenyan NGO) to deliver medical camps and healthcare within the Magadi region. In February 2019, the team from VideoDoc travelled with founder Matthew to Kenya and spent a week, holding 4 medical camps and 2 days of treatment for threadworm in primary schools. 

About VideoDoc: VideoDoc provide a service within Ireland and UK where patients can see a doctor, therapist or physio online, 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm.





In 2016, ParentPay kindly donated the money to build a permanent classroom for Pre-Unit class at Memusi School. Clint Wilson, Chief Executive of ParentPay & Nimbl, travelled to Memusi School and opened the classroom for Pre-Unit class named ‘Belief’.

About: Offer a complete income management solution for schools in the UK. Our flexible and secure web application allows parents to make online payments for all their child’s school items, including meals, trips, clubs and even uniform. We are the UK market leader in online school payments, and provide services to over 6,000 schools across 200 local authorities. 



 In 2016, Medicash kindly donated the money to build a permanent classroom at Memusi School.

About: For 140 years, Medicash has played a growing role in providing healthcare insurance solutions, from helping fund local hospitals in Victorian times to providing corporate benefit packages to 21st century companies. And, while we are determined to retain the best of the past, we have our eyes firmly focused on a dynamic future. One of the traditions we are most proud of is our commitment to charitable giving, a tangible commitment which has been estimated to have been worth more than £70 million since 1871.

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