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11th March 2017

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At the Memusi Foundation our target is to get every child we can reach into the education system. In Maasai culture it is very common for girls to drop out of school due to financial struggles, family duties and arranged marriage
We are looking to further our support the girls by helping provide on site boarding facilities…as many of you know, we've always wanted to build dormitories on site at the school for the girls as well as continue our support with the female hygiene and sanitary products for our adolescent girls. 
More than anything, we need to keep our girls safe and in school!
We recently had an all female volunteering group whom called themselves Girl Power. Empowered by stories they heard first hand of hard work, determination and the daily struggles from our inspiring Maasai community, female students and teachers, the Girl Power group wanted to find a way to do something more.  Stories like how some of our girls can walk up to 4 hours a day to get to school. How many of them miss school due to the problems during their periods because they simply cannot afford menstrual care products. Without proper sanitary products the girls are forced to sometimes miss school or use unsafe substitutes (like mud, rags, leaves, chicken feathers or old newspapers) which can often carry serious health implications in terms of infections and diseases. Or the story of Mama Machete and her tireless passion in helping children to go to school; Mrs Lemomo who sold her shoes to buy a book for her son, Daniel and, of course, our dear Simantoi who started the school and who's vision we continue to follow. 
So... here is the plan!
On Sunday, 11th June the females of the Memusi Foundation are going to hold simultaneous walks all around the world wearing Maasai beads and walking for four hours. 
In the UK, the plan is to have around 20 walks up and down the country that last for four hours (no set distance) and have a minimum - if possible - of ten women per walk,  aiming to raise £100 each.
So ladies, are you up for the challenge by either joining one of the current walks or doing another in another area? 
If you are unable to take part for any reason, i.e. you aren't female, can't make the date we will shortly be sending out a JustGiving link to sponsor our amazing teachers, pupils and community women that will also be walking at the same time in Magadi, Kenya.
CONTACT : sally@memusifoundation.co.uk
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