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9th March 2017

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We were very excited to showcase our collaboration project with Freiraum Kollektive at Ecobuild 2017 - London ExCeL on 6th - 8th March 2017.  Thank you to our amazing volunteers for representing us and thank you to the hundreds of people expressing an interest in our pallet home project. Look out for updates on the project here on the website news page or visit our project specific Facebook page: 


ABOUT THE PALLET HOME - The Pallet Home is constructed from type EUR-2 pallets, an abundant yet underused resource in Kenya. An innovative technique has been designed so that no power tools are required in construction so that the occupying family is able to build the house themselves, encouraging self-sufficiency.

Architecturally, the house works with different levels of enclosure in appreciation of the outdoor and communal lifestyles of the Maasai who live in the Magadi region. The home includes a desk with a solar lamp to allow children to do their homework, a priority for the Memusi Foundation.

Cloth screens provide shade and shelter from sand, and can be fully closed during the night and in the event of a sandstorm. The Pallet Home prototype provides healthy spaces for living at an affordable price using low-impact building materials and techniques.


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