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20th December 2016

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By Sally ..... On Wednesday 30th November, I (Sally) represented Memusi at the North Ridge High School’s super learning day for their pupils to learn about the Memusi Foundation. All money raised during their academic year 2016/17 is being donated to the Memusi Foundation. 

Wednesday was a fantastic day of themed lessons including learning about the school, making bracelets, running a fair trade café and learning to speak Swahili.

I started the day by visiting classes ‘Scott’ & ‘Henson’ where i got out some Maasai cloth, clothing and jewellery for the children to explore. Some of the children dressed up in the clothes and some enjoyed feeling the beadwork. 

Then I met the 6th form pupils who had been running the fair trade cafe in the morning - as well as beverages they sold typical African dishes such as Chapatis, Plantain Pancakes and a delicious Condensed Milk Cake - which they had prepared themselves days prior.  I was then lucky enough to try the food they had made including a really tasty vegetable stew and savoury rice - and of course I was able to manage a piece of cake too!

After lunch I chatted with the sixth form pupils about food in Kenya and what the Maasai families typically ate. Then we  visited other classes with food samples for the other pupils. 

I was then lucky enough to join the whole school for assembly where they all showcased the activities they had been taking part in. We had some classes who had made special boxes in which to collect change in as part of our ‘From Pennies From Pencils’ - beautifully painted and decorated. Some classes had made some beaded bracelets which they were hoping to sell also at the Christmas fair. A couple of classes had written letters to the children at Memusi - which will be going over in February 2017 - these were read out beautifully for all to hear. Another class had learnt to count in Swahili and had made a very catchy tune to sing the numbers. 

Thank you to North Ridge High School for inviting me in for the day - I had a brilliant time. Hopefully the school will post some photos of the day on their website soon which we can also share with you… watch this space.

Please visit our dedicated schools website at www.memusiforschools.com 

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