Welcome to Memusi Foundation

We work directly with communities in Kenya and Tanzania to provide hope through education.

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What We Do

The Memusi Foundation believes passionately in education and the right that every person has to a free education. It is through quality and free education that every child has the opportunity to escape poverty in their own lifetime, providing a path of hope.

Memusi builds its foundations with 4 pillars in each of its schools. These are quality education, health care, working with local communities and sustainability models. It is these key principles that provide each of our projects with strength to build and the foundations to last.

In support of our overall objective to provide quality education, we aim to thrive in sporting excellence and through computing.

Quality Education

At the Memusi Foundation we believe passionately in Quality Education. Our drive is to ensure that the free education that our children access is the very best available.

In working to bring in the best quality teachers, support teacher development, provide the best equipment and latest technology we strive to create environments that are absolutely the very best and conducive to create quality results.

Health Care

Each child that attends Memusi School is given a Malaria Net when they join the school.

The health and wellbeing of the children that attend Memusi School are of extreme importance to the Foundation. The care of the children does not stop with the teaching of English and Maths, but includes care of the children through health, food, nutrition and education of life.

With many children sharing beds with their siblings, the life saving nets have a very wide reach.

Building Communities

The entire principle of the Foundation is to support incredible people who are making a difference for themselves - people who feel so passionate about FREE education that they are driving for positive change.

We work directly with communities and each of the schools that we support has been started by the community or community individuals who have shown passion and desire.

The Memusi Foundation operates on the principle of supporting those people and those communities achieve their passion. This is the way to guarantee that our work has a long lasting impact.


At each of the Foundation schools, we strive towards 2 key areas - long term sustainability and food. This is achieved through a farming programme that also provides employment for the local community.

Between the schools, we farm 24 acres that grow maize and beans, with the harvest going to the school to ensure that the pupils are guaranteed good meals each day. The farm also provides excess food, more than the school needs. The purpose for this is to provide food for sale, economically priced for the local community, but enough to generate money that is re-invested in the school to support outgoing costs.

It is the practice of the Foundation that as part of the long term plan for development that sustainability is implemented. This will lead to the community having the ability to manage the school themselves in the longer term.