Welcome to Memusi Foundation

We work directly with communities & schools in Kenya to provide access to quality education.

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What We Do

The Memusi Foundation believes passionately in education and the right that every person has to a quality education aligning ourselves to the United Nations SDG4. It is through quality education that every child has the opportunity to escape poverty in their own lifetime, providing a path of hope.

Memusi Foundation works primarily in Magadi, in Kajiado County having reach to over 8000 children across 42 Primary Schools and ECD centres. As well as building our own schools as beacons of quality, Memusi also invests heavily in Memusi Outreach; our programme working across the whole of the Magadi region to enhance education standards for all children. 

Memusi builds its foundations with 6 pillars in each of its schools. These are beacon schools, quality education, health care, working with local communities, transition into Primary education and sustainability models. It is these key principles that provide each of our projects with strength to build and the foundations to last.

Our measures are based on 3 simple principles that form Impact Bonds between the Foundation, the community and the schools that we operate in that are reviewed on an annual basis. These are increased grades, reduced absence and increased enrolment of girls. 

Quality Education

Ensuring that focus is placed into teacher development and supporting teachers to be the very best that they can be. This is formed through bespoke teacher development programmes, leadership development for Head Teachers to get the best from their teaching teams and in school resources to support in class learning (equipment, technology and learning materials) 

We are currently working with Impact Teachers on a bespoke programme of teacher development, bringing teachers from across the World together to work with teachers in Magadi to develop and embed new approaches to teaching and motivating teaching practice that compliments the current curriculum. 

We strive to create environments that are absolutely the very best and conducive to create quality results. Through Memusi Outreach, our focus on Quality Education extends to infrastructure; from classrooms to desks to in school learning materials

Beacon Schools

Memusi Foundation began its journey in the development of private schools and maintains focus on the development of new schools as well as the continued development of all of our existing schools. Our aim is that each Memusi School will be a beacon of quality for all other schools in Magadi to model themselves. 

We aim to ensure that each of our schools continue to strive to excel each year, continually looking to evolve, strengthen and develop new ideas with the result of Memusi Schools continuing to raise its own bar in quality. 

Health Care

The care of the children does not stop with the teaching of English and Maths, but includes care of the children (and their families and community) through health, food and nutrition. 

Working with our partners VideoDoc and long term Kenyan partner Maa Healthcare Initiative we deliver health camps across the Magadi region giving free access to medical consultation, free medication and free dental care; providing access to free healthcare to every child across Magadi. This extends to a worming programme for every school child in Magadi, with each round of treatment reaching over 11,000 people. Statistics through Berkeley Centre for Effective Global Action demonstrate that worming programmes reduces school absenteeism by a quarter. 

Our Healthcare Programme also reaches female hygiene through our partnership with AfriPads. Re-usable Sanitary products through AfriPads last a year and through training and delivery of items we will have a programme in 2019 that reaches every single adolescent girl in Magadi reducing overall absence of girls in education. Our Pilot programme in 2018 demonstrated impact through reduction of absence from 44% to 0% 

Transition into Primary Education

The transition of children into Primary Education remains one of the biggest problems in Primary Education across the developing world. Through under resourced Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres, children are arriving into Primary Education below the expected standard; the result of which being Primary teachers having to take the time to develop children pre-Primary rather than focussing on the curriculum. This further impacts children of the same age who are not able to progress due to their fellow students. 

Our objective is to work across ECD centres to support teaching standards and resources to ensure that children arrive into Primary Education at the right level; enhancing the potential of students throughout Primary level. 

Building Communities

The entire principle of the Foundation is to support incredible people who are making a difference for themselves - people who feel so passionate about education that they are driving for positive change.

We work directly with communities and each of the schools that we support has been started by the community or community individuals who have shown passion and desire.

The Memusi Foundation operates on the principle of supporting those people and those communities achieve their passion. This is the way to guarantee that our work has a long lasting impact. 

In empowerment of communities and to support parents to support their children in their education, Memusi Foundation offers Adult Education to parents who either left school early or never set foot in a classroom. The programme aims to give adults the basics of education to boost their own opportunities and empowerment as well as being able to offer their own children the support needed through their education journey. 


At each of the Foundation schools, we strive towards 2 key areas - long term sustainability and food, protecting the long term future of each school as well as complimenting our goal of quality education through nutrition. 

It is the practice of the Foundation that as part of the long term plan for development that sustainability is implemented. This will lead to the community having the ability to manage the school themselves in the longer term.