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26th February 2019


This February saw the first of three Impact Teacher training programmes being delivered to Memusi School and two other neighbouring school’s teachers  by teachers from around the world, thanks to the wonderful IMPACT TEACHERS.

During a full week, Impact Teachers delivered a Teacher Training Programme within Memusi School. Their goal was to increase the educational opportunities for primary school students, to assist them in leading a successful and fulfilling life.

Impact are utilising their specific expertise in education to work directly with the teachers focusing on student engagement to target improvements in student grades. This focus will improve the quality of education, and in turn have a positive influence on increasing school enrolment as well as increasing both student attendance and the numbers of students completing their primary education

For further information and full details of their programme please visit their website:


Impact will travel out to Memusi again this year in May and then again in July.


Following the week we received many messages form our teachers who firstly were extremely grateful to Impact teachers for their time and energy. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the training and found it invaluable. They felt blessed to share their teaching practices with teachers from all over the world and were open in order to develop their own teaching methods for the future. Overall, the teachers were very excited to start putting some of their training and new strategies they had learnt into practice.

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