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22nd May 2018

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At the end of May, 100 day old chicks were delivered for the launch of the new chicken project at Memusi School (A). 



We are hoping that the rearing and selling of the birds and their eggs can be efficient in tackling extreme poverty. In addition, there is a daily source of food through the eggs.


The plan is as follows:

  • Employment of local Maasai mum to take care of the chickens.
  • After 3 months the chickens to start laying 
  • Sell the eggs locally, at markets and within Magadi- we are expecting between 70 - 100 a day
  • The money made from the sale of eggs (after running costs deducted - food and wage) will go towards investment into more chickens.
  • Educate the Maasai community on the many ways in which to cook an egg.
  • If rearing is successful, we aim to train single mothers to keep and care for chickens…thus meaning a daily source of food for their families as well as opportunity to sell eggs to neighbours. 
  • Ongoing, it critically forms part of our agriculture learning in School 


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