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11th July 2018

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Our adult learning programme has now been underway at Memusi A and Memusi B for the last three months…and news of the positive impact it is already having has generated further requests in the wider community.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that our Adult learning programme is now to be rolled out within 2 other schools within the Magadi region. 

More parents benefitting = more kids getting better grades and a better chance at life.

We take for granted how important it is to be able to read. We spoke to one Mother during the May visit to Memusi who is attending the lessons. She had never been to school and was unable to read. Amongst the many reasons she told us for her attending one reason stood out ... she said that when she needs to take her child to the doctor or to the dispensary for medicine, she is unable to read the label on the medicine in order to give her child the correct dosage!

We are so glad that we are able to help those who before may have thought it was too late for them to get a basic education.

Thanks as ever to everyone who has worked so hard in the last couple of months to make this a reality.

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