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23rd February 2018

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During Matthew’s recent trip to Kenya he had the privilege of meeting and getting to know two very exceptional young women.

Selina and Beatrice are fighting for the rights of girls to attend school and specifically Naning'oi Girls' Primary School. Fighting against acts of culture that works against girls, they are human rights campaigners who have gone further than just campaigning against FGM and child marriage…they are doing something proactive to deliver a better life for children.

Selina & Beatrice are both from Maasai families and understand the cultural and family pressures put upon girls. Therefore they have the experience and knowledge to support the Maasai girls. 

We are truly delighted that they are now part of the Memusi family going forward, benefitting their cause and Memusi in helping to educate girls across Kajiado County.

Selina & Beatrice have since visited Memusi School and Ilparakou Primary to  talk to both our girls and boys about FGM, illegal marriages, the power of education and the right for equality amongst girls. They also talked about the amazing work they are doing to keep girls in school. 

True role models and an inspiration to all.


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